Pollination – Shakespearean/ Free Verse

That gent danced his tongue ’round mine own bud,

as he did feed on my nectar,

such passion,

with fingers trailing ov’r my skin,

all ov’r my pedicel,

like strings hanging from his digit tips,

mine own corse responds to him,

making me a slave to his actions.

heat from his corse wast like sunshine,

and his rays hath felt solar.

pollin releas’d into mine own stigma,

a natural charge of nature.

a humour so electrifying,

satisfying our every burning desire,

allowing mine own flower to bloom.

More nectar.


A Distant Love – Shakespearean English

That eccentric renaissance worship of a person thee hath met one time,
10 years ago,
the constant exploration of every facet of that lady’s beauty;  the mouth from which she speak, her eyes, her cheeks, her hair.
t lingers on thy mind.
Cherishing the young time of the charm of that lady’s sight.
Then into the crowd the lady disappears.
And she now only exists in thy memory.
With a hopeful heart that this memory wilt again becometh an extended reality.

Who is’t to censure? – Shakespearean English

What if ‘t be true i nev’r did love again?
would thee censure me?
a depress’d soul desperate f’r a gust of the warmth of love?
the love yond maketh thee gaze at the cosmos above, and smileth.
‘r the blinking idiot yond putteth mine own heart to shame?
the one who is’t did treat me with nothing but disdain?
the one who is’t madeth me feeleth all these aches and pain?the one who is’t hath broken me and anon all mine own heart enwheel, is sorrow.
The one who is’t madeth me contemplate ending all mine own tomorrows?
‘r is thither nay one to censure?
is’t just?

Tell me where attraction is bred.

In the heart or in the head?

How effectuate? How enriched?

Tell me.

Is it created in the eyes of the beholder

where gazing is fed?

For he had eyes, and chose me.

But temptation was all i could bestow.

Attraction dies in the cradle where it lies.

A poisonous fruit

If you take a bite out of me, you will be cursed with eternal sadness.

Your soul will turn as black as a bottomless pit

Your emotions will flow like rain down the river bed

finally entering the ocean.

The ocean of numbness.

Your numbness will rot you from the inside first,

Burning you up like the hottest of flames,

cracking open holes from your pores,

as if ready to burst open.

Your insides screaming for help, but no one hears you.

Not feeling emotion will drive you crazy.

You will beg to feel, to feel love, to feel hate, to feel pain.

But it will be to late, there’s no going back from this poison.

The YOU, you once knew is gone.


Writer’s block

In the midst of this bright screen i sit,

fingernails ticking on top of keys,

tempted to begin with,

” Once upon a time ” or

” In the beginning there was heaven and earth ” .

Cold sweat emerge from my pores,

my hand, moist, i hold my head in frustration.

My mind is not blank, no,

My mind is an electronic device with thousands of tabs open,

popping up with ideas,

Which one is good? Which one isn’t cliche?

Eyes, searching surroundings, hoping to find a divine intervention.

Frustration, anger, impatience and other mixed emotions inside me,

all mixed together like a bowl of soup,

but each standing out, holding their own uniqueness.

Seizing a moment for myself,

i stepped outside for a walk under the moonlit night.

The purpose was not to search for better ideas,

but to gain a lucid mind.

To clear my mind was needed.

I needed to observe and experience serenity,

and something about nightly hours, is placid.

Perhaps it’s the gentle, cool breeze that blows

against the skin, leaving goosebumps in it’s wake

or the sound of silence,

but not silent enough, considering the night creatures singing their natural hymn.

This efficacious stroll brought me a sense of peace that i have been long longing for.

I return home with a light head

and i light heart, back in the chair where i sat

In the midst of this bright screen.

” I “



I am the divine feminine,

albeit my skin is coloured,

you can see right through me.

Yes, i am transparent, but only look with honest eyes,

or you will be misled.

Reading me is effortless.

I am love personified,

my nature is to bestow unto others

the positive energy that dwells within me,

generating peace towards myself and others.

Any being who feels my aura, feels my truth.

The universe is in me.

I am a celestial being.

My energy and vibrations are genuine. 

I am in tune with my divinity.

I am empathic & sensitive to the authenic.

I can feel what you feel,

Step into my space and i feel your intentions.

I know which energy to absorb and which to disregard.

My heart yearns for new places,

new people and new experiences,

and to live freely.

I lead with transparency, integrity & humility.

I am light,

I am consciousness,

I am an observer & experiencer

 I am the poetic expression of life itself.

Nature’s poetry.